Ruby Spotlight Plug-in

Universal Binary Ruby Spotlight importer for Mac OS X 10.4: RubyImporter-0.2.1.dmg(Source)
Installation instructions are the same as for the previous version. Version 0.2.1 replaces the recently-released version 0.2.0. This version should use less memory, but please let me know if you are having memory issues.

Ruby Spotlight metadata importer for Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger": RubyImporter-0.1.0.dmg
Mount the image, and move RubyImporter.mdimporter to either




Once the file is copied, you can enter the command

mdimport -L

to see what mdimporters Spotlight knows about. You should see RubyImporter on this list. You can manually tell Spotlight to re-index all your Ruby code by doing something like

mdimport ~/Ruby

assuming all your Ruby code is in



mdimport -r ~/Library/Spotlight/RubyImporter.mdimporter ~/

to re-index all Ruby files in your home directory. To verify that a file was properly imported, enter the command

mdls foo.rb

(Replace "foo.rb" with any valid Ruby code file.) The output should include entries such as

com_ruby_class = (fooClass)
com_ruby_method = (fooMethod)

Once indexed, Ruby files can be searched by Ruby Module, Ruby Class, Ruby Method, Contents, or Comment.